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One million years.  That’s how old the oldest known human fossil is measured.  That’s a long time, longer than a lot of people can fathom.  By contrast, the industrial revolution was only two hundred years ago, the dawn of agriculture only ten thousand.

Let’s put that into a bit of perspective.  For at least 990,000 years(up until now, yes there are still tribal cultures that live this way) our ancestors lived on what they could hunt, fish and gather.  Meaning, meat, fish, nuts, berries, fruit, vegetables.  Those nuts, berries, fruit and vegetables weren’t even available year round.  The winters of northern Europe are long.

This means, 99% of our history, our primary energy source from food was from meat and fish.  Animal fats.  High carbohydrate foods simply were not available year round or in high quantities.

Ten thousand years ago, along comes agriculture.  Humans start settling down into communities and farming.  Grain and dairy start making it into our diet at a higher level,  which was still okay.  It was a lot of work to turn that grain into bread.  Only the wealthy could afford to have bread and pasta on a daily basis.  Through this time in history, we see an interesting development.  Obesity as a sign of wealth.

Along comes the Industrial Revolution and with its high volume of processed sugar, grains, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome etc.  It’s not surprising when you think about it.  We shifted our energy balance from primary fats to primary carbohydrates(sugar).  I’ve written before about how our body prioritizes energy sources and why.

So, how do we correct this, how do we grocery shop like a hunter-gatherer?

  1. Natural foods.  If it doesn’t exist naturally, avoid it.  Caveman does not recognize twinky or skittles as food.
  2. Avoid sauces, they are loaded with sugar.  Learn to use spices.
  3. Keep bread, pasta, rice and dairy to a minimum.  They are okay, just don’t let them be a staple of your diet.
  4. Drink more water.

Basically, stick to the fresh produce and deli sections.  How simple is that?

Note: This post was recovered from an old, now defunct, blog.

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