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Convert strings to HEX Colors

July 4, 2019 | Coding | No Comments

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I’ve been working with charts.js and data being generated from the python backed of the API. Since the data is changing all the time, and the nature of the different queries, I never know how many data sets will be generated to plot.

This makes it difficult to define a specific set of colors to go with the unknown quantity of labels. At first I wrote a function to generate a random color code, but then, on every page reload, everything is a different color.

This of course, makes the experience rough and kinda annoying the longer you’re on the page, pulling different queries. A different approach was in order.

The individual data sets have unique names, which get used for labels. So I thought, why not try to use those names to create hex color codes? Well it turns out its really simple to do.

def convertToHexColor(word):
    word = "AB" + word.upper()
    buff = ""
    for c in word:
        buff += "{}".format(ord(c))
    word = "000000" + hex(int(buff)).lstrip("0x")

    return "#" + word[-6:]

That’s it. It’s small, but I created a github repo for it. If you need it, enjoy.

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