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If you are able to connect to the devices web console (default user/password is Admin/Admin) you can reset from the web page.  You may need to do some detective work to find out what IP it is pulling from DHCP if it wasn’t statically assigned. If not follow the steps below for a manual reset.

  1. Disconnect the Ethernet cable.
  2. Use a paperclip to press the reset button (located on the back of the AudioCodes), the FAIL light on the front of the AudioCodes should come on. Hold the pin down for 6 to 10 seconds.
  3. When you release the reset button all LEDs will glow brighter than while the button was held, and will switch on/off a couple times while the system resets to factory defaults.

You may want to let it sit for a minute to make sure all the configuration has been applied and the system is ready to go. Reconnect the Ethernet cable, and connect to the web terminal to set it up.

Note: This post was recovered from a old, now defunct, blog.